Our team of sports performance instructors includes former collegiate athletes and individuals with advanced degrees and certifications in exercise physiology as well as strength and conditioning.

Our program is built upon a foundation of clinical and functional assessment that allows us to produce individualized training programs which address the unique attributes of each athlete.  The assessment begins with a thorough health history and a discussion of the athlete’s training background, sport of choice, and goals.  The athlete is then tested in several functional movements, which allows our performance experts to identify strengths, weaknesses, and movement impairments that will be addressed by the training program.  Based upon the athlete’s sport or recreational activity, a specific series of performance tests are then performed to establish a baseline level of strength, power, speed, and agility.  These measures provide an objective indicator of progress throughout the program and have been shown to be highly correlated to performance on the field or court.

Sessions within the program are performed in small groups, with a client to instructor ratio never exceeding 6:1.  Safety and proper fundamentals of lifting are paramount.  Workouts often entail barbell and kettlebell training in addition to high intensity exercise with heavy ropes, weighted sleds, and sprint training.

In addition to individual programming, we also offer performance programs for teams in all sports.  Our team training structure includes goal setting with players and coaches, baseline assessment of each athlete’s abilities, and a customized training schedule to fit the needs of the team.  These sessions involve a similar blend of strength training and high intensity exercise.

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